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Think Orange by Reggie Joiner

 I recently started reading the book "Think Orange" by Reggie Joiner.  It talked about the power of combining church (yellow) and family (red) to produce a more powerful force (orange) than either could be alone.  After a funny and offbeat introduction, Reggie begins his dicussions with some "Orange-ology".  He explains that "The premise of this book is simple: As long as churches do only what they are doing, they will get only results they are presently getting."  The same goes for the family.  There are failures in both homes and churches -- churches are losing influence and families are disintegrating -- so what is the solution?  Step up the force on both sides?  Or how about combining forces for a whole new way of thinking?  This is Thinking Orange.  This is not another "family based ministry" approach.  This is a way of thinking that could lead to radical and controversial changes.  Many churches and families are already working on the same thing -- trying to raise good and Christ-centered kids.  But, as Reggie explains "working on the same thing at the same time is not as effective as working on the same thing at the same time with the same strategy" (p26).   Join me as I continue to work through this book, review my current methods, hopefully make some more effective changes and see kids come to Christ! 


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