Growing Kids Ministry Blog


Welcome to my newly opened blog.  I wanted to name it something that conveyed where our church was at right now.  I like Growing Kids Ministry because it can mean so many things.  I don't want to focus on the growing numbers, but let's face it, the more kids you get in the program, the more you can share Christ with.  It's not about the numbers, but it's exciting when you are able to tell more and more kids about the love of Christ.  So, yes growing numbers is important, but not the only thing we want to see growing.  Most importantly, we want to see relationships growing.  Relationships between kids, relationships between kids and their leaders, and relationships between kids and their Creator.  While we're at it, it'd be great to see some relationships growing between leaders and parents, leaders and leaders, kids and other congregation members -- you get the idea.  I want to see our Children's Ministry become a place that can facilatate growth spiritually and relationally.  I want to see these kids grow to love Jesus more every time they step through those doors and I want everyone who comes in contact with our Ministry to be inspired to grow closer together as a body of Christ.  Thanks for joining me and I hope to see you here again real soon!


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