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Children’s Church: A Servant Heart

Today in Children’s Church, we talked about the Last Supper and how Jesus was a servant to his disciples as he humbly washed their feet.  Of course, the application question to the kids was “How can we be a servant to others?”  The kids were full of great answers as usual — “share your candy”, “be 4th in line”, “be nice to someone”. However, the lesson wasn’t really about servant-like actions, it was about having a servant’s heart.  Now, how do we get from actions to a heart-state?  Should the application question have been “How do we develop a heart like Jesus?”  Is that too much for kids?  How do we change the hearts (or set the stage for the Holy Spirit to change hearts) in the kids we minister to?  I know as a very churched child growing up a Christian home that I knew all the right answers and actions, but my heart was not right.  Do we set kids up for this pharisitical lifestyle by asking questions about actions?  Or is that the only avenue we really have with children?  Hard to say…


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