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Chapter Three: Warm Hearts Continued

Some thoughts on Reggie Joiner’s book “Think Orange”

Family Value #3 Make it Personal

The lesson to be learned in this section is this: before I start to shape who I want my children to become, I have to examine my own heart. Before I can ask who my children are becoming, I must examine who I am becoming.  Indeed, the author boldly states, “…the greatest thing that could happen in the heart of a child would be what happened in the hear of a parent”.  As parents, we are our child’s biggest role models.  They imitate us, they look up to us, they reflect the attitudes and beliefs we communicate on a daily basis.  It’s not enough to want my children to follow after Christ – I must begin and continue that journey myself. 

It’s a sobering thought that as a parent, the way I treat my spouse, the way I treat others, or respond in tough situations all affect the values my children develop (p63).  Let’s show our children that relational, emotional, and spiritual growth are priorities in our lives.  If we don’t make a relationship with Christ personal, it might never be personal for our kids.  


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