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Children’s Church: A Servant Heart

Today in Children’s Church, we talked about the Last Supper and how Jesus was a servant to his disciples as he humbly washed their feet.  Of course, the application question to the kids was “How can we be a servant to others?”  The kids were full of great answers as usual — “share your candy”, “be 4th in line”, “be nice to someone”. However, the lesson wasn’t really about servant-like actions, it was about having a servant’s heart.  Now, how do we get from actions to a heart-state?  Should the application question have been “How do we develop a heart like Jesus?”  Is that too much for kids?  How do we change the hearts (or set the stage for the Holy Spirit to change hearts) in the kids we minister to?  I know as a very churched child growing up a Christian home that I knew all the right answers and actions, but my heart was not right.  Do we set kids up for this pharisitical lifestyle by asking questions about actions?  Or is that the only avenue we really have with children?  Hard to say…

Trying to put it into practice…

 I’ve been thinking about praying a lot about this “Think Orange” book.  I’ve often tried to include parents in the ministry, but only if they came to the church already.  Sure if guest parents showed up for a special function I would make my way over (often with high anxiety) to say hi and thank them for coming.  However, I never really sought them out in any other way.  We’re starting an Appleseeds program (mentoring group for preteen girls) and one church member encouraged me to call the parents of one of the girls.  She comes regularly to our Wednesday night program, but her parents have never attended.  I called and talked with her dad about the program and said we’d love to have her.  It was a very pleasant conversation, leaving me to wonder why I had been putting it off so long.  What is it about “outside” parents that leaves me shaking in my shoes?  Why have I become so accustumed to taking the easy way out?  Where is my heart for outreach, for SEEKING and saving the lost.  I’d rather just wait for the lost to wander into the church first, and then I’d be happy to help save them!  Somehow, I just don’t think that’s what Christ had in mind.  I hope this book will help change my perspective, my motivation, and cause me not to be content to wait around for the lost to find me. 

Amazing John Piper video